Crossfit Floor Cleaning

Crossfit gyms are not normal gyms. Five Star Cleaners understands that.

Minimal equipment, acres of hard tiled floor, chalk flying everywhere...and of course plenty of sweat. Chances are you're still mopping your tiles day in and day out in the faint hope that it might stay hygienic. Or possibly worse, you're not actively cleaning your gym at all?

Mopping 200m2 - 1000m2 plus of hard floor rubber tiling is not an easy job.

Thanks to innovation and the investment in some great new machinery, Five Star Cleaners has the solution to all your Crossfit flooring problems.

We HALVE the time it takes to clean your gym flooring manually and we achieve DOUBLE the results. Ask any one of our Crossfit Gym clients and they will swear by our hard floor cleaning service. Take a look below and call us now for a free demonstration.