School & Child Care Centre Cleaning

Five Star Cleaners has over 10 years experience in the education/child care sector and by utilising this experience we can provide effective, efficient, and economical cleaning solutions that ensure your site is cleaner, kids are healthier, and parents are happier.

We offer tailored packages ranging from simple floor/toilet cleaning to complete school cleaning packages that include:

  • Tuckshop/cafeteria cleaning
  • Classroom cleaning
  • Staff office cleaning
  • Playground cleaning
  • Carpark cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning/vinyl stripping and sealing

All our team at Five Star Cleaners hold Blue cards and we ensure that on a regular basis, multiple team members are trained in your school cleaning requirements to ensure you're never left in the lurch (ever had your cleaner call in sick? We bet you have)!

Our tailored packages we offer can be from just one day per week to five times per week... you choose based on the size of your centre, foot traffic or individual needs!

But wait...there's more!

  • All our team members have completed COVID-19 Infection Control Training
  • State of the Art Cleaning Equipment - We only use Rubbermaid branded equipment including HYGEN™ microfibre cloths. Traditional disposable products lack scrubbing power, streak and smear, and cannot remove microbes, leaving behind a food source for live pathogens. Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Disposable Microfibre eliminates the food source and combines superior microfibre with built-in scrubber technology in a disposable application to prevent cross-transmission. HYGEN™ microfibre cloths remove 99.9% of microbes including C. diff, with water alone.*
  • Continual training -  We regularly hold both on site and off site training sessions to ensure our staff are up to date with the latest cleaning innovations, quality control, safety and communication requirements to ensure we are delivering the BEST service to YOU
  • Dedicated supervisor available 24/7


Meet with you to discuss the cleaning requirements at your child care centre, OHSC centre, school or college!