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Account Manager

Dedicated Account Managers

A dedicated account manager is appointed to oversee all facets of your service including cleaner appointment, quality control, periodical works, relief works and performance history.

You’ll have their direct contact details and be able to deal with them for all aspects related to the cleaning services provided.

Live Cleaner Tracking

Scheduled Mobile Auditing

Consistent and scheduled auditing of the service being provided with complete transparency. Our “mobile audits” are conducted using state of the art technology and uploaded directly to all parties – the client (you), the supervisor and the cleaner.

This happens in real time with images, comments & quality scores.

Live Cleaner Tracking

Live Cleaner Tracking

Our cleaner tracking software tells us where our cleaners are, how long they’ve been on site and where they’re due next.

In addition, we can implement scan-in, scan-out technology at your site for both security and QC purposes. Need to know what time the cleaner entered last night? 2 clicks and we’ll confirm to the minute

Client Communication Portal

Cloud Based Communications Portals

In maintaining the transparency required to meet ISO 9001: 2008 Quality standards, all communication, audits, updates, contract revisions and information goes straight to our cloud based “Client Communications Portal”.

A direct log in for you is provided where you can view everything in real time and respond directly.


100% Reliability

With over 30,000+ cleans each and every year (and counting), we’re yet to miss a single scheduled service. We have relief cleaners in place, supervisors ready to step in and systems to deal with staff holidays or sickness.

Completing your service is our priority and you can rest assured, you’ll never have the displeasure of being

Quality Team Members

Team Members That Care

Our team members are the life blood of the service we provide and we aim to supply you with a cleaner that is everything we’d expect if someone was cleaning our own premises;

Presentable, communicable, accountable, willing, professional, friendly and helpful.

Consider this...


By administration or management following up cleaning tasks, quality issues, consumable ordering and/or discrepancies within the cleaning scope.

Minutes Per Week


Weeks Per Year


$ 35
Hourly Wage

Equates to $1,820 in lost productivity each and every year having to manage your office cleaners! We're being kind here as well and using a moderate estimate for the hourly wage!